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Benaiah's Army Men's Ministry and Outreach

Bridging The Gap Between God, Family and Community Through Acts Of Kindness  

Welcome to Benaiah's Army Men's Ministry & Outreach

Founded in 2008, Benaiahís Army is an Official Menís Ministry of Nation of Faith International Church.  The Benaiahís Army is an active organization that provides information and resources to the mental, physical and spiritual maturity of men.  Benaiahís army will partner with other resource organizations around the world to equip, empower and revolutionize men, their families and their communities.

Along with Pastor Rockmond Leach, the menís ministry is lead by an Executive Council which includes, Brother Stanley Johnson, Deacon Demond Hayes, Brother William Stinnette, Deacon Jerry FullBright, and Virnor Williams. 

 Some of the key initiatives include church and community volunteerism, leadership and entrepreneurial growth, economic development, foreign missions, and mentor programs. 

 Benaiahís Army Volunteer Services was launched as a catalyst for community, public and corporate change in the communities affected Nation of Faith International Church, under the leadership of Pastor Rockmond Leach.